Skill Development Program

Schoolsar is on the way to develop a comprehensive, specialized programme for the professional development of teacher experience with ongoing support, required to develop student's learning through curriculum and corresponding activities planning and implementation. Our program develops the teaching skills in the very same as the student's skills. The various stages of skill development are designed as follows

We organise professional development training-workshops for Indian schools with/on following topics

 Collaborative learning through sharing
 Creating thematic lesson plans
 Smart curriculum planing
 Language development - accent and delivery
 Classroom management
 Art of discussion
 Personality development program

Guidance and Counseling

Guidance and counseling is an art at School SAR based on facts and principals as a outcome of psychology, sociology, studies enabling the parents and students to make proper and satisfactory incorporations, communications and participation for improved academic pursuits.

1) Parentral Counseling:

Parenting is a life long process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a their child. We conduct and organize regular parenting workshops to offer a supportive environment to the parents in solving issues regarding their children during their schooling.

2) Student Counseling:

We strongly believes that students guidance and counseling is a learning process. Through our sessions students learn to

 Identify their abilities and interests
 Raise their capacity to intelligent decisions
 Have positive outlook
 Technical exposure
 Know importance of disciplined life
 Respect the views of others

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