School SAR is a young, exciting and successful Indian ICT organization. We have designed several advanced high quality softwares/applications across multiple business sectors. We deliver customized sofware products & solutions across the globe for our valuable clients by combining the effort of man and machine for high performance output with our vast domain knowledge and in-depth technological expertise. We are into the business of development of sophisticated customized technological solutions in the areas of

  School and College Management Services
  Technology Driven Hybrid Coaching Classes
  Online Tutoring
  Test Preparation Series
  Dedicated Online Selling Platform
  Online Payment Facilitation for Your Business

Products & Services

  Enterprise Resource Planning System

This is our latest in-house developed product, which is Accountant Free, Versatile, Integrated, Customizable, Effective, Easy to use designed to manage the varied complicated day-to-day activities of educational institutes. Its deliverables makes, it best suited for Preparatory, Primary and Secondary Schools, B.Ed Colleges, Degree and Post Degree Colleges.
  Category: Product
  Current Version: 2.0
  Usage Criteria: License / Subscription Based for Contracted Term

  Mobile Apps Development

For better and continuous remote data synchronization and connectivity, mobiles are better than mobile websites these days. We develop applications for smart mobiles phones especially Android Based. Also, we have good experience in designing the UI / UX of Mobile Apps.
  Category: Service

  Online Tutoring

An advanced platform for individual teacher or an institute, to create, share and control the flow of their knowledge & skills among their students with flexible timmings and access with facilities like Smart Video Lecture Referencing System, Online Examinations and lot more.
  Category: Service

  Online Selling Platform

Join hands with us for an direct and dedicated marketing potential for your services and products relevent to educational institutes, with all required like online E-Commerce Platform, Alerts from Prospective Buyers etc.
  Category: Service

  Online Payment Solutions

If your business requires the acceptance of online payemnts from your clients, we are there to provide you with the payment solutions with to start getting payments from Debit / Credit Cards, NET Banking, UPIs etc.
  Category: Service