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About Partner Program

If you are one among the followings
Doing business with schools already
Wants to start selling services & goods to schools
Marketing Professional with Experience
Fresher with relevent qualification and knowledge

and can invest your resources to join hands for scalable, demanded business opportunity in
Education domain
Online payment facilitation services
Online selling
Bio-Metric paired Payroll and Billing system
For accountant free billing, payroll etc

Need of ERP System & Mobile App

As we are living in 21st century we all are aware about today’s world business environment “how competitive and growing”. To make our hands work together in this competitive business world we have to meet with the entire business requirement which are demanded by our clients, where we require combined effort from both machine and human to get highest profit and dynamic result for our business in meeting our organizational preset goals.

Will It Costs Me High?
  • 1) Affordable Low Subscription Cost
  • 2) Pay in Installments
  • 3) Flexible price, so that school of any size can subscribe to
  • 4) Running cost is calculated on monthly basis and paid in advanced quarterly mode