Curriculum Planning

Schoolsar strongly believes that education must be be a dynamic phenomenon with a vision of continuous uplift of moral values aligning itself to meet the emerging demands and new challenges. We are on continuous identification of the contemporary needs, put forth by Education boards, Managements and Parents.

For a significant span, in the education field, We have enough competency to propose a required curriculum plan and design by supply of
 Lesson plans - Generic
 Related activities - Generic
 Question papers as per the board guidelines - Generic
 Strategies to check student's understanding

The proposed curriculum plan provides a road map of What to be taught and in how much span? to Teacher to effectively deliver and achieve the set learning goals. We guide the teachers to
 Identify the learning objectives for their students
 Develop the strategies for student learning
 Have access to our curriculum planner

For the better accomplishment of learning objectives, We support you for
 Selection of text books
 For yearly lesson plans - Generic
 Input for group discussions, home work sheets, class work
 Training / Work shops

Custom Curriculum Design

We are emerging developer and facilitators of exclusive range of educational products and services. Our channel for development to delivery is under the supervision of experienced, talented and qaulified educators to keep the deliverables on high with the simplified usage strategies for Custom Curriculum Design for schools taking care of all the related affecting factors keeping in view of

 Objectives for student learning
 Teaching/learning activities
 Strategies to check student understanding
 Management and leadership training
 Establishment of chief learning officer
 Efficient management of - material, human resource and time

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